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Currently, Shinda Foundation is supporting Shinda Basic School, a non-profit school with children ages 5 to 15 years old. Through volunteers and a team of dedicated personnel at Shinda Basic, the children of this community are getting an opportunity for a quality education and a hope for a better future.  

Located just thirty minutes from Arusha City, Shinda Basic School is located in the rural outskirts of Arusha, in Sokon I Ward, a community of 54,000 people. The average income in this community is less than $2.00 a day.  With most residents depending on substenance farming, many parents have to choose between meeting basic needs or taking a child/children to school, the latter option often being dropped due to lack of resources.

Some of our work and the pending projects are shared here as well as on the Shinda Basic School website.            

We would like to continue to support the initiatives at this school and the local community by:

Sponsoring more children to attend Shinda Basic School

Providing assistance in getting clean running water

Providing desks to the classrooms

Renovating classrooms and common area facilities such as a kitchen

Building a technology center and a library

Please donate to support our efforts; even a small donation goes a long way for the children and the school. 


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